Angel Legal Service Corp. is a legal services company located in Los Angeles, California. The company provides pre-paid membership legal plans for individuals and corporations that face local problems and laws. We are not a law firm, but provide members with competent lawyers in most areas of the law.

We are fully committed to helping all varieties of legal matters swiftly and without hassle, with a special focus on breaking down the language barrier that often troubles immigrants.

We truly believe that “the law is equal for all people” and have made this maxim our business motto. With this strong philosophy behind our company, we consistently strive to provide the best services with maximum convenience.

As society advances, the demand for better representation increases and consequently, the range of legal services must widen. Furthermore, in a multicultural society requires advanced and specialized legal services to meet the diverse needs in specific communities. Especially seen in immigrant communities, legal services must assimilate cultures and overcome language barriers in order to provide quality representation. Angel Legal Service thoroughly understands the culture and background of immigrants, and provides service to those with English as a second language and those who may face economic challenges without any hesitation or discrimination.

When there is a problem with the law, what seems to be the greatest challenge?
When a person is hurt, whether that scar is small or large, the need for that person to seek medical attention is vital. Similarly, when a person faces a problem with the law, it is absolutely vital for that person to seek immediate legal action. However, it is evident that seeking legal help is not as easy as one would wish. Often times, economic burdens come before a decision to seek legal attention. With this in mind, Angel Legal Service is committed to providing reliable service regardless of socio-economic status or situation. We ensure that legal service can be a reality and a feasible option for all.

The law was made to be equal for all people. If for any reason it does not meet the principles of human dignity, the law can be used as a threat. Our mission is to welcome our clients with warm hearts and provide only the best service for the best results.

Daniel Park / CEO

The legal service system of ALS is designed so that members get the most efficient and effectual results.

Members can receive immediate assistance once connected to an ALS lawyer on almost any legal problem, and can avoid legal problems by prior consultation.

ALS counsel are always with you to protect your family and business.

LA Head Office

It is a pre-paid membership legal service that will provide you lawyers and legal services whenever necessary.

Just as one would have health insurance to cover medical bills, a membership of Angel Legal Service is a form of law insurance. By paying a monthly membership due, these legal services will be readily available to clients while mitigating and covering fees for members.

This form of legal service has already been established in developed countries such as Europe, and forms of pre-paid legal services are also seen throughout the United States. Furthermore, under the name of legal insurance, South Korea has been practicing this type of membership based legal services for years.

Angel Legal Service is characterized by having members feel secure, as they are assured that they have lawyers and legal services available when needed. ALS becomes a reliable network and backbone for all members with just a phone call away with no hassle and economic burden.

Members will get the benefits as described below, as well.

1. Useful legal information for everyday life and business via e-mails and SNS

2. Free Admission to all the legal & business seminars provided by ALS

Legal problem arising in everyday life is far more extensive and diverse than anyone can imagine.

For example, did you know the following could all pertain to legal issues?

  • A bill obtained was not equated to an estimated bill prior to service
  • Stores not complying with refunds or exchanges
  • Not receiving your security deposit from your apartment or landlord for whatever reason
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Receiving warnings or letters from your child’s school
  • Long-winded contracts with fine print

When living in the United States, a number of legal issues are confronted.
Angel Legal Service has the best lawyers in every legal fields, and are prepared to protect our members from any matter from minor everyday problems to larger, more complicated disputes.

Immigration Law

  • Green card Package
  • Inviting family member &spouse
  • H1,L1
  • Applying for citizenship
  • Deportation
  • Asylum
  • Consulting immigration reform legislation

Commercial Law

  • Establish a corporation
  • Stock transfer
  • Form LLC
  • Registration of trade mark
  • Copyright
  • Promissory note
  • Letter of attorney
  • Contract
  • Tax
  • Bankruptcy

Divorce/Family Law

  • Simplified divorce
  • Divorce by agreement
  • One sided divorce
  • Claim living expense
  • Custody
  • Domestic Violence
  • Approach prohibition

Will support/Trust

  • Living Trust
  • Written will
  • Probate a will


  • Residential Transaction
  • Commercial Transaction
  • Land development


  • Various legal documents
  • Writing Legal letters
  • Name Change
  • Transfer of property(Quitclaim Deed)
  • DUI
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Criminal Lawsuits

We will do our best efforts for your satisfaction

Stage 1

When there is a legal issue, the member just give ALS a call.
ALS confirms the ID and the case is registered

Stage 2

The case is reviewed by Customer Service and distributed to the related attorney.
After consultation, the attorney takes care of the case and report the result to the member and ALS

Stage 3

Customer Service notifies the result to the regional director
The regional director confirms the satisfaction from the member and reports to ALS

Stage 4

ALS notifies the level of the satisfaction of the member
ALS takes actions for all the necessary rectification and future improvement


    We can help you to solve all the legal problems in your family with the best-in-fields attorneys, without costly fees.
  • Business
    ALS’ unique approach and solution will keep your business from all the tiresome legal problems
Family Plan

Free telephone legal consultation

Attorney’s contacts and letters on legal issues

Attorney’s review on contracts, legal documents and agreements

Traffic Accident & Injury related Services

Litigation Defense related Services

Membership Fee:


Registration Fee :



Applicant, Applicant’s Spouse, and Children under 21 years of age in the same residency

Please call us for the details.
Tel : 213-365-8808 or
E-mail : cs@angellegalservice.com

Personal, Family-Related Legal Issues

  • Medical Malpractice
    or Negligence
  • Traffic Accidents
    (Civil & Criminal)
  • Work
  • Product Liability
  • Violence at School
  • Insurance Compensation
  • Property Protection
  • Claims
  • Injuries
  • Lease Disputes
  • Tax Issues
  • Contract Dispute
  • Conflict with

  • And more
Business Plan

Free telephone legal consultation

Attorney’s contacts and letters on legal issues

Legal services in relation to employees

Attorney’s review on Labor contracts, legal documents and agreements

IRS Audits related service

Litigation Defense related Services

Membership Fee:

The monthly fee will be increased $10/10 employees, if the business has more than 10 employees

Registration Fee :



The applicant should be a business.

Please call us for the details.
Tel : 213-365-8808 or
E-mail : cs@angellegalservice.com

Business Related Legal Issues

  • Lease Disputes
  • Employee Relations
  • Embezzlement
  • Payment Disputes
  • Contracts
  • Administrative Violations
  • Business Protection
  • Arrests
  • Business Interruptions
  • Vandalism
  • Account Receivable
  • Corporate Relations
  • Patent & Trademarks

  • And more
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All are equal before the law

Don't suffer injustice because of legal costs.
We have drastically lowered the cost of access to a qualified attorney!

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