Case Study

99 reasons to join ALS… …

  1. If you don’t fully understand your Health Insurance plans or policies,
  2. When you receive a letter from IRS,
  3. If you need to dispose inheritances,
  4. When you need to prepare a legitimate will for your children,
  5. If you receive a traffic citation,
  6. If your driver license is suspended,
  7. When you sell or buy a house,
  8. If your landlord raise the rent against a verbal promise,
  9. If your child got caught by police for robbery,
  10. When you want to change your name,
  11. When your new wash machine is not working properly,
  12. If a lender is forcing you to repay for your divorced wife,
  13. If a neighbor or a school made a report you for child abuse,
  14. If a friend or a neighbor infringes on your property,
  15. If you want to request childcare expenses,
  16. When your debtor filed a bankruptcy,
  17. If a stranger called you to ask money and treat you,
  18. When somebody hit your car and run away,
  19. If you have a hair damage due to a mistreatment by a hairdresser,
  20. If your car got retrieved improperly,
  21. If you are summoned by the court,
  22. If your ball gave a damage to another player while playing golf,
  23. If you got hit by a ball from somebody else,
  24. When you need a help to sign a rent/lease contract,
  25. When your child got hurt while playing football,
  26. If your neighbor fell over a pitchfork in your backyard,
  27. When a jewelry shop sold a defect item to you,
  28. If an auto dealer reviewed your credit without your approval,
  29. If you got hit by a bottle from somebody in a baseball stadium,
  30. If your tenant sued you for falling down on the stairs,
  31. When you are injured due to a slippery floor in a public building,
  32. If your dog gave damages to a neighbor’s garden,
  33. If neighbor’s dog is making a noise every night,
  34. When your landlord intruded your apartment without your permission,
  35. When a window of your neighbor’s car is broken by a baseball thrown by your child,
  36. If your boat is damaged while stored,
  37. If you did not get the deposit back from your landlord,
  38. If a hotel manager denied their responsibility when you lost a valuable watch in a hotel,
  39. When somebody scratched your car bumper while street parked,
  40. If a mechanic denied a warranty after repairing a car,
  41. When you made an accident while driving a friend’s boat,
  42. If your book or record club is keeping sending you products after cancelling the membership,
  43. When you were refused a service in a restaurant,
  44. If your property manager refused to receive your rent,
  45. If your credit is denied without a certain reason,
  46. When you are fired from your work,
  47. If a repair shop threat you to make a small claim to court without any cause,
  48. If your insurance is cancelled because tour teen ager child made an accident,
  49. If your child was placed to a special education in a public school,
  50. When you got cornered as slandering due to a mere tempered word,
  51. When you need to file a patent for an invention,
  52. When you need to secure a copyright for your manuscript,
  53. When your accused improperly,
  54. If you privacy was infringed,
  55. When your car was damaged in a public parking lot,
  56. When need a legal assistance for your retirement allowance,
  57. If it was found out that your friend was in possession of illegal drugs, while you were pulled over for speeding,
  58. If a friend of your child got injured while your child made a car accident,
  59. If you are notified that social security and medicare is going to be stopped,
  60. When you bought a product in disguise by a door to door sales people,
  61. If you have a bill with a higher pricing than that of estimation,
  62. If a lender is trying to collect a debt improperly,
  63. When you summoned to a small claim court,
  64. If there is a messy plumbing or a roof leak when you moved in a new house,
  65. If there are all messy trashes in front of your house when you got back from vacation,
  66. If a minor got caught when he/she was intruding your residence,
  67. When you have a car accident while driving a friend’s car,
  68. If you have questions about risks when you open a new business,
  69. When the ex-employer tries not to pay your wage,
  70. When your child got bitten by your neighbor’s dog,
  71. When your dog bit your child,
  72. If your neighbor started a lawsuit when your dog bit theirs,
  73. If there is a border problem with your neighbor after installing a new fence,
  74. When you are requested for a testimony for a robbery or mugging,
  75. If you need an agreement for marriage,
  76. When you buy a car or sell,
  77. If a school requested a drug- or alcohol test for your child,
  78. When you get a foreclosure notice from bank for a month late payment,
  79. When they refused to get return for a defect product,
  80. If a repair people refused to accept his/her malpractice,
  81. When a stranger intruded your property,
  82. When you lease your land,
  83. If your child felt not properly treated by a school,
  84. When you have a complaint for overtime by an employee,
  85. When you have an accident at work,
  86. If you were fired unreasonably,
  87. If you received a letter from a lender not for your own debt,
  88. If your bank made wrong report to the credit agencies,
  89. When you need a consultation for divorce,
  90. If you have a small business,
  91. If there is a domestic violence,
  92. If you got arrested or detained on a false charge,
  93. If you have a lawsuit without a cause,
  94. When you have wrong judgment from a small claim court,
  95. If you are involved in a traffic accident,
  96. When you are busted for DUI,
  97. If you got a summon from police,
  98. If you have a food poisoning after having a meal in a restaurant,
  99. When you have trouble to get your loan back,